DIY Modern Shiplap Fireplace Featuring Beachwood Boards

shiplap fireplace

Create a modern shiplap fireplace in your home using beachwood appearance boards. Kristin Jackson from Hunted Interior gives you a step-by-step guide.

DIY Modern Shiplap Fireplace Featuring Beach Wood Boards

Sometimes good things come to those who wait. This just so happened to be the case when it came to the design of my client’s fireplace. When renovating their 1960s ranch last year they knew one thing… they wanted a modern double sided fireplace!  The hard part was what they wanted it finished in?! Wanting a modern edgier farmhouse look, we discussed numerous options, shiplap in either black or white, rustic planks and brick. Not falling hard for any of the options and running close to the end of our budget, we all decided to finish the fireplace in drywall. That way, we could have time to make the right decision as well as save up for the right material.

A year and a half later, I was introduced to Silvastar Beach Cottage White Appearance Boards from The Home Depot. These thinner tongue and groove boards would give us a rustic vibe, but the whitewash finish kept it from feeling too rustic. With a lot of other woods and stains in the space, plain pine boards would simply feel out of place. I also liked the idea of a tongue and groove installation. Having tackled shiplap in the past, I know that it can be a time consuming process spacing the boards, filling in the nail holes and finishing the boards in the end. These boards are already pre-finished and the nail holes would all be covered during installation. Another bonus, the 8-ft. length covered the entire length of the fireplace meaning we would not have to piece together any boards.

With the client’s approval, we went forward with these Silvastar Beach Cottage White Appearance Boards and my husband and I went over for the install.



Installing Each Side of the Shiplap Fireplace

When installing the first side (remember there are two on this fireplace) we cut the first board to length, placed it on top of the existing base board and using a level ensured we started off the project level. We then used the nail gun to attach the boards. The simple way to install tongue and groove boards is to nail into the tongue portion of the plank angling your nail downward. This will allow the next board (cut to length) to slide on top of the “tongue” in that “groove” area. The grooved space covers all of your nail holes. Most boards will slide on fairly easy, but to ensure a good fit I recommend using a scrap piece of wood and a rubber mallet to tap the grooves into place.

shiplap fireplace

We measured each board before cutting. Then, we stacked each of the boards making adjustments for the fireplace opening. After taking the boards all the way to the ceiling, we used a table saw to finish off a few areas. The two small slivers of boards around the fireplace opening and the very last board at the top.

shiplap fireplace

shiplap fireplace

Cutting these few slim pieces allowed us to create a perfect fit around the fireplace and at the top on both sides.

shiplap fireplace

For the sides of the fireplace, we decided to finish off the exposed tongue and groove edges using a small squared edge trim piece. The clean lines were in keeping with the rest of the moulding in the home and the depth was perfect to allow the tongue and groove panels to end on.

shiplap fireplace

Once we attached the trim boards to the sides, the Silvastar Beach Cottage White Appearance Boards looked like this. A small gap needed to be remedied.

shiplap fireplace

I taped off the boards using painter’s tape and applied a bead of Latex Caulk in white. I then smoothed the latex bead out with my finger making sure to fill in the entire gap.

After removing the tape, we were left with a perfectly finished modern fireplace with a farmhouse touch.

Final Reveal

shiplap fireplace

Here is the dining room side.

shiplap fireplace

shiplap fireplace

The side view.

shiplap fireplaceAnd the living room view. We used the same techniques to cut around the fireplace to create the tv opening as well as the area behind the sconces.

Now my client’s have their dream fireplace, finished off and just in time to use for these cooler fall nights.

shiplap fireplace

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