Don’t waste the refund: Invest in your house for long-term ROI

(BPT) – Tax season means refunds for millions of Americans. Will you blow yours on a new TV, tech toy or weekend getaway? This year, consider spending that money on something that could save you countless headaches and have a long-term return on investment: your home.

The overall average return for a tax-filing season has been about $2,800, according to CNN Money. That’s a respectable amount of money to put toward a home project you’ve been longing to do, but perhaps haven’t had the budget.

What’s one of the biggest improvements people are spending their refund on? The roof.

A roof may not be as fun as a new hot tub, but it’s a much smarter investment. The roof takes up the largest visible space on your home’s exterior, which means it’s a stylish upgrade that can dramatically boost curb appeal. A new roof is a major selling point that could help a home sell faster and possibly for a higher price. In fact, according to Remodeling magazine’s Cost vs. Value report, 71.6 percent of the cost of a midrange roof replacement is recouped at sale.

There are many different shingle options available to suite any design aesthetic. One of the leading roofing trends uses shingles that look like wood shake, but are created with lighter, more cost effective materials. This gives an upscale appearance to a home at an affordable price. TAMKO’s Heritage shingle line is a good example of this trend. With a unique granule mix and distinct color drop, the shingles create attractive, random shadowing across the entire roof space.

A growing trend in roofing predicted to take off in 2016 and beyond is metal shingles. MetalWorks shingles add elegance to a home by allowing homeowners to create a variety of unique looks. More than just durable and stylish, all MetalWorks shingles are made with ENERGY STAR qualified cool colors, which may help lower home cooling costs.

For example, StoneCrest Slate Steel Shingles closely replicate the random, highly desirable finish of natural slate. For modern homes, StoneCrest Tile Steel Shingles have a smooth, uniform look for refined style. AstonWood Steel Shingles look like traditional wood shingles, yet offer the performance and durability of steel.

As you anxiously wait this year for your refund from Uncle Sam, consider using your cash toward a new roof. Visit to learn more.


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