Eco friendly cooking appliances for your home

There’s never been a more important time than now to seriously assess the green credentials of your home. Anytime you care to open a newspaper (not a News Ltd. one, obviously), the reality of the planet’s rapid degradation is, for the umpteenth time,  being confirmed by one pre-eminent scientist or another. The verdict is most definitely in on this one: we are in big, big trouble.

It’s easy to feel there’s no difference you as an individual can make now the damage has been done. That’s simply not the case. If everyone made an effort to ‘green’ their home, the benefits to our planet would unquestionably follow. Companies such as Kleenmaid Appliance are doing their bit to help customers make eco friendly choices with their kitchen appliances. And you’ll find most any product you care to name now has an eco friendly counterpart.

Choosing eco friendly products and design solutions needn’t mean you must compromise on style or functionality. Quite the opposite, in fact. There are high performance green ranges of fridges, front end loaders, dishwashers, clothes dryers, and cooktops. It’s a common misconception that choosing eco friendly products means forgoing style or functionality. Nobody expects you to live in a teepee and harvest your own tampons. Living a sustainable life and minimising your carbon footprint is about making intelligent, informed, and practical decisions about what you might feasibly be able to do so that you might look your grandchildren in the eye one day and say ‘I did my bit’

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