Efficient Design as Well as Style for Kitchens

When planning your new kitchen it is easy to become lost in the myriad of possibilities available. Naturally the aesthetic appeal is given priority as the first ideas come to mind. Everybody wants the eye catching look that gets accolades from guests and visiting family. The model kitchens are beautiful and the stone worktops all glisten and call to you.

There is another consideration as well that is best to pay heed to. Yes, budget – but even that takes backseat to this consideration. Efficiency of design needs to end up as a priority after you have filled your eyes and imagination. Unlike many areas of your home the kitchen serves a very definite and needed purpose. Any design that fails to keep that foremost in that is not going to be satisfying for long.

While large open floor plans are a plus for most rooms and even look good in a kitchen they quickly become bothersome in a kitchen. If it is more than a few steps from the sink to the cooktop then meal preparation becomes much less convenient. Primary work surfaces should not be on the opposite side of the room from the refrigerator. One design I saw looked beautiful – but the dishwasher was set in 4 paces from the sink – a nightmare for years when doing dishes.

The lesson is to look and enjoy the view and inspiration of a design but to take a long step back to evaluate it for practicality and efficiency before coming to a decision. After taking the long look at it go into your kitchen and compare it space wise.

  • If you place the large island cooktop in the centre of your kitchen will two people be able to pass all the way around it?
  • Is the refrigerator on the opposite side of the room from the cutting boards going to be the most convenient placement?
  • Will you have to walk around a centre placed island every time taking something from or putting something into the refrigerator?
  • Can the sink be placed someplace else for convenient or does it need to be below the window and therefore dictating placement of all cabinets as well?


These are just examples but by actually standing in the model kitchen or in your kitchen and visualising actually walk through your typical tasks of preparing meals, doing clean-up, stowing leftovers and such routine daily tasks. In this manner you can foresee many possible issues prior to them becoming a part of your life for the next 10-15 years.

Shopping kitchen designs that include heavy input on the end of usability and functionality as well as visual appeal will pay dividends in the long run. Getting your inspiration from kitchens glasgow from www.ekco.co.uk is a good place to start. These professional designs will provide both visual appeal and functionality.

In planning an efficient kitchen design will make you appreciate the style chosen instead of curse it for years to come. As the most used and utilitarian room in your home the kitchen is no place to take shortcuts.


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