How one simple household choice can help make a big environmental impact

(BPT) – Consumers today are increasingly aware of the environmental impact of every single one of their purchasing decisions, causing more people to seek out products that better fit a green lifestyle. If you’re one of the many Americans who are actively choosing more eco-friendly options for your home these days, there could be one household essential you’re overlooking: your toilet seats.

In honor of Earth Day 2023’s theme, “Be a part of the green revolution,” now is the perfect opportunity to make better choices for many of your household furnishings, starting in your bathroom.

How can toilet seats be made more sustainably?

You may not have spent much time thinking about how toilet seats are made, but Bemis Manufacturing Company has given it a lot of thought. They start by sourcing wood scrap from Wisconsin manufacturers, then they blend that with scrap and dust from their own molding operations. The result? Using repurposed materials to make new products leaves a forest of trees standing.

From there, each toilet seat is painted with water-based paint to reduce volatile organic compounds (VOC) emissions, and is then packaged in recycled and recyclable cartons.

The respect for the environment doesn’t stop just at manufacturing and packaging. Bemis has streamlined their shipping methods to protect its products while also maximizing cube (storage space) and minimizing disposable waste, creating a full-circle process that is designed to be more environmentally friendly.

How much difference could this make?

Can you guess how much repurposed material is used to make their toilet seats? Each year, the company sources 70 million pounds of scrap wood from Wisconsin window and door manufacturers. They also collect 3 million pounds of scrap and 1.5 million pounds of airborne dust from their own molding operations. The scrap and dust is then ground and blended into the wood flour which is the main ingredient in their beautiful, enameled wood seats.

The benefits of using repurposed wood

Beyond the obvious environmental impact of making toilet seats more sustainably, these materials also add strength to each product, while enhancing the performance and appearance of the seats. Wood lends itself to a variety of cover designs that let you be creative with your decor.

Even better, they look great

You can choose from styles including Benton, Kendall and Weston, which all feature a variety of colors that can complement your bathroom decor. Decorative hinge options include the newest, on-trend materials to complete the room’s look: brushed gold and matte black, along with brushed nickel, chrome and plastic.

All of their toilet seats are designed with the innovative features Bemis is known for, including STAY-TITE for easy installation and a seat that will never loosen, precision fit adjustability during installation for a perfect fit, hinges that let you remove the seat for easy cleaning, plus a quiet close feature that eliminates slamming.

In the market for new toilet seats for your home? Consider a selection created with a process that respects the environment. Visit to view all the available options to enhance your bathroom design.


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