How to Paint an Ombre Wall

How to Paint an Ombre Wall

This ombre wall painting project is fairly simple, but it results in a gorgeous, eye-catching accent wall. It’s great for a living room, dining room, or just about any place in your home that needs a little extra visual appeal.

We teamed up with Amy Osaba of Amy Osaba Design to create this simple guide to creating a three-tone ombre wall.

Ombre Wall Paint Project

Materials needed for ombre wall paint project


  • Wall Patch Repair Kit
  • Painter’s Trim Tape
  • Drop Cloth
  • Behr Paint
  • (3) Roller Trays and Liners
  • 3-in. Angle Brush
  • (3) Roller Covers and Roller Frames
  • Paint Extender
  • (2) 4-in. Brushes

Step 1: Prep the Wall

Using a patch kit to repair nail holes in a wall

Patching imperfections in a wall

Before you start painting, you’ll want to patch any nail holes and wall imperfections using the patch repair kit.

Taping off crown moulding before painting a wall

Then, use painter’s tape to tape off baseboards, crown molding, window sills and doorways.

Place drop cloths on your floor to protect it from paint drips and spills.

Step 2: Pour Three Shades of Paint

Preparing paint for an ombre wall project

To create the ombre effect, use three Behr paint colors: a dark color, a transitional color, and the base color (the lightest color).

How to Paint an Ombre Wall.

Step 3: Paint the Base Color (the Lightest Paint Color)

Pour the base color into a roller tray with a liner.

Paint the base color along the trim using an angled brush. Then use a roller to paint the base color over the entire wall.

Once the paint has dried, use painter’s trim tape to make two straight horizontal lines to mark of the ombre sections.

Step 4: Paint the Ombre Effect

Mix paint extender in with the two ombre colors. This will increase amount of time you have to blend the paint colors on the wall.

Pour these colors into two paint trays with liners. Then, use a roller to paint the transition and dark paint colors within their respective taped-off areas.

You’ll want to do this fairly rapidly because you want the paint to be wet when you blend them for the ombre effect.

How to Paint an Ombre Wall

Before the ombre paint has dried, pull off the painter’s tape. Use two brushes– one for each of the ombre colors–to brush the paint into a rough gradient.

There’s no secret trick to this. Just brush the ombre colors into their adjacent sections of the wall. You don’t have to be perfect with this. In fact, the imperfections in the blending make it look more interesting.

You can find everything you need to paint your ombre wall, or take on any painting project in The Home Depot’s paint section.

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