Living Room Refresh For The Fall

The living room is one of the most important parts of the home, as it is used for lounging and entertaining. Maria Valero from Maca’s Diary gave her living room a much needed refresh using products from The Home Depot. See how she transformed her space just in time for the fall season, and how you can do the same.
Living Room Refresh For The Fall

We spend a lot of time in the living room in my home, so I knew it was the perfect place to update for the season. I started the project by thinking about what I love most about any room, including plants, color and comfortable furniture. I created a mood board to give me inspiration as I started my living room makeover.

Living Room Refresh For The Fall

Living Room Refresh For The Fall

Prepping The Space

I began my project by preparing my wall before painting. I used a putty knife to cover the holes and crevices in the wall using DAP white painter’s putty.  After the putty dried, I sanded the area to give it a smoother finish. I also removed the covers from the sockets and cleaned the walls to get ready to paint.

Designing The Accent Wall

I love how creative you can be with an accent wall. I applied FrogTape painter’s tape on all corners for a cleaner finish. Then I painted my accent wall using 1 quart of Behr Marquee Sedona Pink Matte Interior Paint and Primer. It was spectacular and I only had to apply a single coat of paint.

Living Room Refresh For The Fall

Have Fun Decorating

After painting, it was time for the fun part — decorating!

I cleaned my living room to prepare it for this stage. The center pieces of my living room was my gray sectional sofa and my coffee table. I installed those and then customized the centerpiece for the coffee table to make it fit my style and share my love for plants. I added a small, ombre freestanding vase and an artificial olive branch plant with berries to the table. I also painted two foam pumpkins — one in gold and one in pink to match my accent wall. When designing, I love to coordinate small details like this to really make my space pop.

Next, I hung a mirror that’s the same color as the wall to give it a more modern look. Then, I added an area carpet in a very light color to brighten the space and brought in some plants to give it a warmer touch in one corner.

Add The Final Details

The last step was to bring everything together and add a few small finishing touches. I added the orange toned pillows for a bit of contrast to my accent wall. I love that the colors complement each other and make the space more vibrant. Lastly, I layered in a cozy throw blanket and more pillows that’s perfect for the fall season.

Voila! The room is ready to be enjoyed!

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