Mini Blinds

Mini Blinds, also known as micro blinds or venetian blinds, are the most common type of window blinds used in both traditional and modern decor. Most of your classrooms, offices, and apartments are all furnished with mini blinds. The reason for their popularity is the cost efficiency factor. Mini Blinds are available for low, economical prices while also being extremely durable and long lasting. Basically, when it comes to mini blinds you will get your money’s worth and much more.

Plastic mini blinds and metal mini blinds are generally the standard materials utilized from the leading window treatment manufacturers. These materials are strong and easy to clean which is why they are long lasting and practical. Owners of apartment buildings and offices as well as school who are less concerned with elegant style and are looking for practical window treatments will often choose inexpensive mini blinds.

Although the value of mini blinds mainly lies within their function, the style is still preferred by many consumers. With smaller slat sizes, mini blinds create a significant amount of clean horizontal lines that give the window a clean, sleek appearance. In addition to the visual effect, mini blinds are available in a wide variety of colors which contributes to their versatile use. For example, many leading manufacturers offer red mini blinds and black mini blinds which are not very common window treatments colors.

The most popular size of mini blinds are the 1 inch mini blinds, also known as 1 mini blinds. They are also offered in ½”, 1 3/8″, and 2 inch slat sizes. One inch mini blinds well for most average sized windows and sliding glass doors. For sliding glass doors and French doors you will need window treatments that will not interfere with the operation of the handle. If you are looking for door mini blinds, consider ½” mini blinds for their convenient operation and sleek profile that will not hinder the use of the door handle.

Overall, mini blinds are great for large buildings that require efficiency with clean style for an affordable price. They are available in several styles and many colors from all the top brands. As a versatile solution, mini blinds are also well suited for sliding patio doors and French doors. Any window will benefit from the application of horizontal mini window blinds.


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