Kitchen Blinds

If you are in the market for kitchen window treatments make sure you choose a blind or shade that….

…is very durable. In most homes the kitchen is the epicenter of the house where everyone spends the majority of their time and where guests are entertained. Along with the constant foot traffic, the kitchen is also a place where food is cooked and consumed. This leads to mess as well as heat and moisture created during the cooking process. Your kitchen blinds must be able to stand up to these harsh elements while still providing the style and functionality you desire.


For maximum durability you will want to choose a blind rather than a shade, especially for windows above the sink. The reason for this is the fabric of a shade may be stained by food or ruined by the heat and moisture created in a kitchen. There are several types of blinds that are perfect for kitchen windows including faux wood blinds, mini blinds, and vertical blinds. All of these are made from aluminum, PVC, and plastic materials which are durable and very easy to clean. They will never warp from moisture, heat, or be stained by food.


Another factor to consider is the functionality of the kitchen blind or shade. For windows over counters or sinks you will want to avoid having dangling cords. These cords will be a hazard with the possibility of getting caught in your appliances and portray a sloppy appearance. Blinds often come with a continuous cordless loop or a wand to avoid messy dangling cords. Another more expensive option is motorization which requires the use of a remote control. If the window you are decorating is not above the sink you can use a shade with a cordless lift system.  Examples would be either a roller shade or a cellular shade, which are both operated by gently pulling on the bottom rail to adjust the shade.


As with any window treatment, you must think about how much light control and privacy you require. However, in the kitchen you will most likely be more concerned with ventilation. Blinds with adjustable slats provide great ventilation as do shades with sheer materials and the ability to be opened completely.


Finally, when choosing your kitchen window coverings you must also account for style. As mentioned earlier, if a window is not above a sink you might consider using a shade which can add great color and elegance to your kitchen. If you have wood blinds in the rest of your home and are concerned with matching them, faux wood blinds are a great solution. They will not warp in the kitchen and they still have the look of real wood blinds. Style is something that should never be sacrificed when buying a kitchen blind or a kitchen shade.


In conclusion, there are several factors to use as criteria for which kitchen window treatments you choose to purchase. These are durability, light control, privacy, ventilation, and style. Once you have run through this checklist you are officially ready to make a wise shopping decision for your brand new kitchen blinds.


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