Super simple decorating ideas for Fall

You’ll know when Fall has arrived when you see squirrels digging in the yard, notice the cool temperatures and feel that energy in the air. So what better way to enjoy the beginning of the season than by trying some super simple decorating ideas for Fall. For those busy parents who don’t think they have time for Fall decorating, I’ve come up with these super simple decorating ideas for Fall that I use to update our own home decor.


Candles. Love ’em, love ’em, gotta have ’em. That first nippy morning, when you’re out running errands at your nearest discount store, pick up some season specific scented candles. You’d be surprised what a little hazelnut, vanilla spice or apple cinnamon can do for ambiance. My personal absolute favorite is pumpkin spice. I usually grab one of those $10 candle packs at Wal-Mart, and surprisingly they last a long time. I like them because just the 2 large candles are worth the $10 you’re spending for the entire box.


Walls. If you have a focal point in your room, like a fireplace, it’s as simple as hanging a wreath for instant appeal. I recommend that you try and invest in a good quality wreath because it will hold up better in storage and can be used again every year. Another super simple tip is grouping mini-pumpkins on bookshelves or guest bathrooms. These can also be found in the produce aisle at your local grocer.


Accessories. Another super easy favorite of mine is to switch out the contents of baskets, vases and bowls with fresh apples, cinnamon pine-cones and cinnamon scented brooms. To save yourself some time, just pick them up when you’re grocery shopping. You can usually find the bagged pine-cones and cinnamon brooms near the front of the store and they’re priced cheaper than the craft stores. After the pine-cones lose their scent, I like to toss them into the fireplace.  Apples are easy, they’re in-season and on sale.


Lamps. Any hanging lamp can be turned into a focal point. You can easily find silk leaf garlands at  your craft stores and places like Dollar Tree who stock these items for the holidays. Simply weave the garlands through your light fixtures  for that instant Fall ambiance.


As you can see, you don’t have to go all-out to have attractive seasonal decor. With a few super simple changes, it’s pretty easy to decorate your home for Fall.  Now you can sit back and make yourself a cup of spiced tea ( recipe to follow), light the pumpkin spice candles and enjoy the season.


This post is by Guest Blogger Meredith Swezey Simpson.  Meredith is a busy mom of five and an internet enthusiast.



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