Thinking of Buying Oak Furniture? Read This First!

Thinking of Buying Oak Furniture? Read This First!

What is it about oak furniture pieces that many homeowners find appealing? There are many reasons why a lot of people prefer oak furniture rather than those made from other types of wood like cherry, pine or maple. This is mainly because these other wood furniture options do not contain the primary attributes of oak furniture fixtures. Most homeowners prefer oak furniture over other types of wood because of the different styles they can showcase. Others purchase oak fixtures because of their durability. Some like furniture and decorative pieces made of oak because they only need little attention and maintenance, yet last for many years. Meanwhile, some buyers consider oak furniture as a long-term investment. No matter what reason a homeowner has in mind when buying an oak furniture, it boils down to these three: beauty, efficiency and durability.

Oak Furniture Care Advice

Oak furniture is elegant and beautiful and tends to look better and better the longer you have it. However, looking after it properly is essential. Although it is very durable, if your hardwood furniture is not cared for adequately it can get ruined and end up split, warped, scratched, faded or stained.

Caring for your oak furniture is actually very easy. Advice falls into two categories – what to do and what not to do.

When you bring a new piece of furniture into your home, it needs to adjust to the humidity levels. To help it do this it should be waxed with a hardwood polish straight away and repeated every few months. This nourishes the wood and at the same time gives it a protective seal. Apply in the direction of the grain and then buff. You should also regularly dust with a clean duster.

When choosing cleaning products, make sure they are suitable for hardwood – general household cleaners can do more harm than good.

The positioning of your furniture is important – keep it away from direct sunlight or bright electric lights to stop it fading and position it away from radiators to stop it drying out and cracking. If you find it has cracked only on the surface it is probably just the shellac in the polish and you can try to remedy this by brushing on some wood alcohol thinner.

Wood needs to be in a relatively dry environment so make sure that your room has adequate ventilation to stop the humidity levels rising too high.

If you spill anything on the wood, make sure it is wiped up immediately with a soft, lightly moist cloth. Try to blot the liquid rather than spreading it around further. If you use coasters and placemats it will reduce the risk of spills getting to the wood in the first place.

Sometimes you will have a piece of furniture that has sections that aren’t out such as with an extending table. If you want to keep the wood looking the same all over, you will need to make sure that you get the extending sections out quite often so that the colour changes are even throughout. If you have an oak desk or shelving it is also a good idea to move items on them occasionally to avoid leaving marks and to ensure even colour changes.

Moving your treasured pieces should be done carefully. If they are simply dragged on the carpet it may cause stress to the joints. If they need to go into storage at any point you will need a unit that is climate controlled and free from damp.

Solid oak furniture can last for many years and with only a small amount of effort you can keep your investment looking great.


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