Tiling like a pro comes down to the right grout

(BPT) – Today, anyone who enjoys interior design can experience the pride of installing their own tile. Planning is the key to success, since each project has different needs based on the size and type of tile and where it will be installed. After that perfect tile has been selected, the next step is choosing the proper installation products, including the right grout.

Grout is the final product used in creating the tile assembly and the only one that will remain visible. Giving careful thought to choosing the right grout will help ensure a tile project that will look beautiful for the lifetime of the tile. Even the most stunning tile is doomed from the start if it has been installed with a grout that cracks, stains or has color imperfections.

Kitchens and bathrooms are the most commonly tiled areas in the home. The tile in these rooms is also the most likely to be exposed to staining agents like food and drink spills, oil and grease, and mold and mildew. This makes proper grout selection for these hardworking rooms even more important.

Fortunately, most of the issues associated with cement-based grouts can be avoided by using an advanced formula, single component grout like Fusion Pro. Fusion Pro is guaranteed to be stain proof and color perfect with no variations from bucket to bucket. This is a ready-to-use grout that is easy to spread and clean. It can be used indoors or outdoors and even in wet areas like showers.

Using Fusion Pro eliminates steps and prevents potential issues of using a standard cement-based grout for tile installations:

  • No sealing required for stain protection
  • No efflorescence, mottling, fading and color shading
  • Versatility to fill grout joints from 1/16” to 1/2” wide and deep

Here are a few tips to help make grouting fast and easy:

  • Unlike other grouts, Fusion Pro is applied and then cleaned immediately.
  • Pull a few samples of the selected tile to test the grout before getting started.
  • Use the mortar or adhesive to set them over a stable but disposable surface, such as a piece of plywood.
  • Once the setting material has cured, apply grout and test for three things:
    • Does the chosen grout color work well under the actual lighting?
    • Does the tile get scratched easily? It may require a non-sanded grout.
    • Does the grout stick to or stain the tile? If so, apply a grout release or sealer prior to grouting.

Fusion Pro grout allows homeowners to tackle their next tile project with the confidence of a pro. Of course, always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the best results and full warranty coverage. For more information about using Fusion Pro, including How To videos and downloadable Installation Guides, visit the Custom Building Products website at www.custombuildingproducts.com.


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