Tips and technology to make your chores easier

(BPT) – Most of us have chores we would do almost anything to avoid. The good news is, advanced technology and new products have focused attention on making housework easier — or taking it completely out of our hands. Did you know you can leave many chores to technology, or use new products that make them easier?

Here are some examples:

Floor cleaning

Everyone’s seen robot vacuum cleaners, which help keep your floor free of dust and debris without you having to lift a finger. The latest technology uses Wi-Fi to control your robot vacuum, making the job even easier. You can also find robotic mops to clean your non-carpeted floors without you.

Window cleaning

If you “don’t do windows,” you’ll be happy to hear that the next step up from robot vacuums is of course robotic window cleaners. While some models currently on the market appear to be easier to use and more effective than others, this technology will likely be perfected in years to come.

Pet care

The unpleasant task of cleaning up cat messes has inspired a few different types of self-cleaning litter boxes, some of which have a pretty high price point. It may be worth it, however, if you’re a cat owner and this is your least favorite chore.

Automated pet feeders are also available, to make sure your cat or dog gets fed when you can’t be home at their regular feeding time. Some users have reported issues with pet food clogging these products, but that may depend on the type of pet food you’re using.

Cleaning the bathroom

In a recent study by Kohler, 42% of consumers admitted that toilet cleaning is one of their most disliked chores. While there may be no such thing as an entirely self-cleaning toilet, Kohler has just developed the next best thing — the innovative Betello toilet, with advanced technology to help keep the toilet bowl clean. Kohler’s Revolution 360 flushing technology powered by AquaPiston cleans two times better than a conventional flush. Water flows out of the tank at 360 degrees, increasing the power and effectiveness of the flush to keep the toilet much cleaner. The bowl also uses CleanCoat surface technology, made from an ultra-thin protective layer that repels water and dirt, minimizes debris and prevents bacteria, mildew and hard water mineral deposits from forming.

For an even cleaner toilet, the Betello also offers a model with ContinuousClean technology, a system in the toilet tank that dispenses a consistent dosage of cleaner during each flush.

Taking out the trash

Dealing with trash and recycling just got easier with a Kohler dual-compartment step trash can that provides a single solution for refuse and recyclables. The can’s fingerprint-proof finish keeps the exterior clean longer, and the proprietary Quiet-Close lid reduces noise. Inside, two 5.5-gallon removable buckets help make taking out the trash easy and mess-free.


If lawn care is your least favorite chore, a few robotic lawn mowers are available on the market that use smart technology to make your yardwork much quicker and easier.

With all of the household chores that everyone needs to tackle daily, it’s good to know about the latest products and technology that take some of the stress and mess out of housework.


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