Tips to help keep out pests this holiday season

(BPT) – It’s easy for things like pest prevention to get overlooked during the hustle and bustle of the holidays. Homeowners have a lot on their minds, from the relatives coming to town to the presents they have yet to purchase. But pests don’t necessarily rest during the cold winter months; in fact, many are active year-round and may seek shelter in your warm house as the weather worsens. With some tips from the experts at Terminix, you can learn about the kinds of pests that can find their way indoors and how best to keep them out.


Some rodents, such as chipmunks and groundhogs, hibernate during the winter. Unfortunately, rats, mice and squirrels don’t feel the same urge to nap the winter away and can remain active. As resources grow scarce and temperatures turn cold, your home can start to look like a safe refuge for these critters. Without the proper preparation, you could be faced with squirrels gnawing through drywall and rats contaminating food supplies with droppings. To help avoid these troubles, seal possible entry points and inspect all cracks and crevices in your home’s exterior regularly.

Bed bugs

These blood-sucking insects aren’t just found in beds; they can hide in upholstered furniture, behind picture frames and even in public places. The busy travel days preceding and following the holidays only increase the risk of picking up bed bugs, as the insects are experts at hitching rides on objects like purses and jackets. To minimize the risk of bringing these pests into your home, be sure to check for signs of them when traveling or staying in hotel rooms. Even if you don’t spot the insects themselves, you may find signs like shed skins that can alert you to an infestation.


Cleaning up the kitchen is always a pain, but it’s a real chore when you’re clearing used dishes after a huge holiday meal. Though it’s tempting to let those pots and pans sit, you should be aware of what those food crumbs and scraps can attract when left out. Crumbs, grease spills and moisture can all attract cockroaches. These insects carry harmful bacteria like E. coli and can even trigger allergic reactions. Help keep these pests out of your home by cleaning up the food messes soon after they’re made.

Get professional pest prevention help

Maintaining a home can be stressful, especially in the midst of the holidays. Without proper pest management, infestations can get out of hand quickly and ruin your winter fun. Terminix’s trained technicians can help you protect your home from winter pests, leaving you free to enjoy the season.


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