Today’s dream home utilizes modern technology for increased functionality

(BPT) – The number of improving housing markets expanded for a sixth consecutive month in January 2013 according to the National Association of Home Builders/First American. With this positive sign, it’s an interesting time for homeowners to consider investing in high-tech home upgrades that not only increase their home’s value and simplify everyday tasks, but also create a dream home ambience for the entire family to enjoy.

From lighting fixtures that turn on at your expected arrival to heated bathroom floors that warm up just before your alarm clock goes off, it can be surprising how one or two high-tech luxury upgrades can transform the functionality of your home.

According to Jack Thomasson, HGTV Dream Home House Planner, to get the biggest bang for your buck, the key is to start adding these updates where it matters the most.

“The kitchen is the perfect place to apply technology that connects our home to our lifestyle,” says Thomasson, “When applied properly, technology in the kitchen can have a greater impact than when applied in any other room of the house.”

For example, the simple addition of a new faucet with touch technology, like those found in the 2013 HGTV Dream Home, can add ease and efficiency to everyday tasks. By allowing  the water flow to be activated with a simple tap anywhere on the faucet, handle or spout, faucets like the Delta Cassidy single-handle pull down kitchen faucet with Touch2O Technology, help homeowners conserve water and  avoid unwanted messes while entertaining.

This ease and efficiency added by touch technology is being incorporated into new homes at rates never seen before, as more and more consumers use the technology on a daily basis to interact with smart phones, ATM machines, tablets, computers, printers and other devices. It is now possible to utilize touch technology on tablets and smart phones to remotely adjust lights, monitor room temperature, or even summon a hidden flat screen television. Not only are these tools adding time-saving solutions but they are also providing new energy-saving benefits that can be felt on your water, electric and natural gas bills at home.

While only about 3 percent of homes in the U.S. include these automation systems today, this percentage is expected to grow by double-digit rates as the global home automation industry is anticipated to become a $35.6 billion industry by 2016. Fueled by the latest mobile apps, homeowners across America are controlling their interior and exterior lighting, unlocking the front door for guests and arming their security systems and more with a simple touch.

Whether updating an older home or evaluating options for new construction, people have many options when it comes to incorporating technological upgrades in the home and as the market continues to grow, more exciting options will emerge. Homeowners now know they need not wait to add smart functionality and style today to create their dream home of the future.


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