Top spring cleaning tips from the pros

(BPT) – With extra time at home right now, millions of Americans are taking the opportunity to address housekeeping tasks they haven’t gotten around to — from cleaning the mattress to scrubbing the washer and dryer. This is the year to do your best spring cleaning yet.

You likely know the basics of how to get the job done right, but here are some game-changing tips from the pros on how to spruce up every room in your house.

1. Start with the bedroom

  • While washing your bedding, it’s a great time to rid your mattress of dust. A perfect tool for the job is a lightweight stick vacuum like the CordZero from LG. Using vibrations, its “power punch” nozzle attachment knocks dust free from the layers below and swiftly transfers it to the dust bin.
  • When rotating your closet from winter to summer, your stored clothes likely need a refresh. Instead of washing, run summer clothes through the dryer on a steam refresh cycle and they’ll be ready for the season.

2. Take care of your appliances

  • Make sure to clean your dryer vent. “LG recommends cleaning the vent and hose every 6-12 months depending on how much laundry you do,” notes Laura Johnson, an R&D expert at the LG Electronics home appliances lab. “This will help keep the dryer in great shape and reduce risk of fire.”
  • Many people don’t know it’s important to run the tub clean cycle on your washer to get the inside of the machine clean. Johnson recommends running the cycle every 30 washes with a cleaning agent like Affresh and Clorox washing machine cleaners or vinegar and baking soda.
  • Also take the time to wipe down the outside of the washer and dryer, and the rubber seal or gasket around the door or lid.

3. Use the power of steam to sanitize

  • Steam gives an unrivaled clean while also letting you take a break from harsh chemicals.
  • Johnson suggests using steam cycle settings on your washer and/or dryer (many LG washing machines even have Sanitize and Allergiene cycles) to deep clean everything from bedding and pillows to bathroom floor mats.
  • You can also use a steam mop on your floors to get rid of any excess grit and grime.

4. Don’t forget to clean your kids’ toys

  • The dishwasher is getting more use than ever right now, and it can do more than you think! Throw children’s dishwasher-friendly toys in to get them clean. If they’re smaller, be sure to place them in a mesh laundry bag first.
  • Now is also a good time to run kids’ washing machine–safe stuffed animals through a wash cycle — most can be laundered on your washer’s delicate cycle, but Johnson advises to always check labels to be sure. Plush toys can be dried on low heat — or if it’s sunny and warm, put them outside to dry.

5. Give the fabrics in your bathroom some TLC

  • When deep cleaning your shower, don’t forget your shower curtain. Vinyl, synthetic, cotton and natural fiber shower curtains can be laundered using the “waterproof” cycle (found on top-load washers) or “delicates” cycle (found on front-load washers) with mild detergent. If you can’t wash it, scrub the liner by hand with a sponge and a solution of 10 parts water to 1 part bleach.
  • Another hardworking textile in your bathroom is your bath mat. Run it through the washer with a gentle detergent every month for a clean you can feel. When the wash cycle is complete, leave it out to dry overnight and your bathroom will feel better than ever.


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