Use the winter months to update and beautify your bathroom

(BPT) – Remodeling and refreshing the home is a great way to keep cabin fever at bay during long winter months. Designing a bathroom remodel to incorporate innovative style, comfort and efficiency helps to speed the winter months along, and your family will certainly enjoy the rest of the season with a beautiful new bathroom.

Attention is often centered in the bathroom because it is a room frequently used by residents and guests. Even minor aesthetic changes can have a major impact in the room’s atmosphere. A bathroom remodel can be as simple as updating hardware on cabinets to a full redo of all fixtures. Consider the following ideas to incorporate new and innovative design, technology and eco-friendly products into your bath this winter season.

* A fresh, new look – The lavatory is seen and used by everyone who enters the bathroom. Bring traditional design into your bath with TOTO’s Vivian Widespread Single Handle high efficiency faucet. The curved spout provides sophistication and elegance that everyone will notice, and the faucet is WaterSense certified, adding a little green to your budget.

* Elegant and luxurious flooring – Beautiful new flooring brings elegance to the look of the room without being the center of attention. Wood, tile or even laminate tile floors can tie together the entire room in a subtle way. Soft and luxurious rugs in front of the lavatory and tub also add an element of texture.

* Deluxe accommodations – Technology innovations allow you to bring a spa-like experience right into your own bathroom with TOTO’s Washlet S350e with eWater+. You don’t even need to replace your existing toilet. The Washlet S350e provides gentle front- and back-aerated warm water spray that can be regulated for preferred water pressure and temperature. The technology also incorporates a built-in air purifying system and warm air dryer to really amp up the spa experience in your own bathroom. The new eWater+ feature utilizes electrolyzed water, a proven disinfectant long used in food preparation and cleaning, which TOTO has harnessed to help consumers keep their toilet bowl fresh and clean.

* Showering environment – A shower is much more than just a place to wash the body and hair. It’s a chance to energize yourself, to relax after a long day of work and to brainstorm with uninterrupted creativity. Pick the perfect showerhead that delivers the water pressure and style that cater to your personality, so you can use your shower as an environment to rejuvenate yourself and put energy back into your step.

* Upgrading your fixtures – Bringing a new toilet into your bathroom can not only help you improve your water usage, but also add style as well. TOTO’s UltraMax II Toilet has a sleek, high profile in a one-piece traditional design to look great in your bathroom setting. And it is also WaterSense approved with Double Cyclone flushing technology, providing you with a powerful, quiet flush that uses a modest 1.28 gallons per flush, saving you money on your water bill.

Remodeling a bathroom to incorporate new eco-friendly technology and beautiful ambiance and style can do so much for your home. You’ll never notice the long winter months as you enjoy your own spa-like setting, and your utility bill will also be more affordable with the addition of high efficiency technology to bring your bathroom up to date.


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