Using your garage as a gym

Have you ever looked in your garage and thought “I really should make more of this space?” You’re not the only one – people now convert them into anything from bedrooms to utility rooms.

If you’re looking for an alternative to your local gym, it might be time to bring your exercise regime into the home and convert your garage into a gym. It may be the case that you want to leave room for your car in your garage for those times when you do want to store it inside.

Equipment can be sourced whatever your budget – you might even be able to pick up a bargain if you look through local newspapers and websites.

Once you’ve cleared out the clutter, it can be amazing how much room there is to play with in a garage – even the bigger pieces of exercise equipment should fit in, and you may even want to have two treadmills so you and your partner can exercise at the same time.

There are lots of racks and hanging mechanisms specifically designed for weights to help you fit in everything you want, even if you haven’t got a huge amount of floor space.

Commercial gyms are designed to allow you to move freely between each piece of equipment so your workout isn’t interrupted mid-flow. It can disrupt your flow to pause your workout whilst your adrenaline is running in order to fold away one piece of equipment and get out another.

When designing your home gym, think about how you can get the equipment out and use it in tandem. You might also want to look at some inspirational images or practical tips to put on the walls to help keep your mind on the task at hand. Another popular idea is to have a window installed so there’s some natural light to accompany your exercise.

Hopefully you won’t need to do too many refurbishments, but one possible way to pay for any initial outlay could be to take out a loan.

A home gym isn’t just something that you can benefit from – it can be a great thing for the whole family. Talk to them about the kind of exercises they might like to do and plan your gym to suit everybody’s needs.

This guest post was written by Caz Adlington on behalf of Money Matters, the Sainsbury’s Bank blog. 


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