Top 3 Weekend Bathroom Projects

After eight years of renting an apartment, Lexy Ward, of Proper Blog, was ecstatic to finally make any and all updates she wanted to her own home!

The first room she tackled as a new homeowner was the guest bathroom. Read on to learn the three weekend bathroom projects Lexy tackled that transformed her guest bathroom into one of her favorite spots in her house.

Weekend Bathroom Projects

Before the Bathroom Updates

I wanted to give it a makeover, but didn’t want to spend more than a weekend doing so.

We made a checklist of things that needed to change:

  1. Fresh coat of paint
  2. Updated hardware
  3. New décor

1: Fresh Coat of Paint

The home has skylights in most of the rooms to allow natural light, but most of the rooms are covered in yellow, beige, or olive green paint. I’m a fan of white and the light that it provides.

We decided we’d spend a Saturday updating the color to fit our aesthetic using BEHR’s Marquee paint in White (BLW-14). The best part about the Marquee line is the coverage it provides. It’s a one-coat paint that dries in an hour so you can get large and small jobs done in no-time. After taping off everything, we got to work and are thrilled with the results!

2: Update the Hardware and Bathroom Faucet

Replacing the Cabinet Hardware

All of the hardware in the bathroom was this dark oil-rubbed bronze. While beautiful, it just wasn’t my style.

I had plans for a silver or gold look and was happy with the Futura collection by Franklin Brass! Everything came in a bright chrome that really shines in the new space, and everything is super easy to install.

Replacing the Bathroom Faucet

Changing out the bathroom faucet took no-time at all!

Replacing the Towel Bar

The smaller bathroom off the vanity wasn’t in bad shape. The walls were already painted a very light blue-gray that I didn’t mind. It matched the unique tile on the floor!

After updating the vanity space, we decided to change out the bronze hardware (towel racks, toilet paper holder, and shower head) in the bathroom. The Futura towel rack was easy to install. We simply unscrewed the bottom screws of the current rack and placed the chrome one!

The New Showerhead

Confession: I’m a bit of a germ-phobe and knew that we would need to replace the showerhead with a new one. I just wanted the space to feel new and “ours.” We went with the Delta Hydro Rain 2-in-1 showerhead to maximize the water during showers.

You can run the shower head and raincan at the same time, and I am all about feeling like I’m at the spa while in the shower. It installed in minutes by simply untwisting our old head from the shower arm and then twisting on the new showerhead. Piece of cake!

3: New Décor

After all the hard work, it was time to style!

We switched out the vanity light with a new chrome light to match everything else. I love the wired bulb covers and it looks very sleek with the white updates. By adding some art, colorful soaps, and plants (a must in every space!), the bathroom is now my favorite spot in our house!

Once more with the before.

It was so easy to update the guest bath over the weekend! By tweaking a few small details, you can create a huge impact!

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